Tenore Extra Large Dining Table (220cm)




If you’re often the host of big dinner parties or extended family gatherings, you’ll find the Mocha Extra Large Marble Dining Table to be invaluable. Thanks to its scratch-resistant high-gloss finish and heat resistance of up to 80 degrees, you can pile this table high with any amount of plates and glasses with no fear of damaging its striking good looks .  It’s also got UV protection, meaning it won’t fade in sunlight. Featuring a uniquely styled V-cut out base, the table is complemented by the 10 matching Alpine chairs. These feature subtly tapered swayback birch legs and creamy leather upholstery that’ll keep your diners in comfort throughout the longest meals.
Product specifications:
Dimensions: W: 100 x L: 220 x H: 76cm
Weight: 135kg
Material: Engineered marble
Colour: Brown

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