Mocha 160cm Marble Dining Table


£998.00 £599.00



The Mocha Medium Marble Dining Table is a solid expanse of silky smooth marble, engineered to have a darker colour than standard marble while retaining the tactile and functional properties that make marble such a popular material. Mocha marble isn’t only a fantastic choice for an opulent dinner party. Due to its incredible scratch, heat and UV resistant properties, this coloured slab also works fantastically as an all-purpose family dining surface. Whether it’s kids hammering their cutlery on the tabletop or a large glass of red wine getting spilled, mocha marble is simple to clean and maintain, so will retain its sublime appearance and look as good as new for years to come.
Product specifications:
Dimensions: L: 160 x W: 90 x H: 90 cm
Colour: Brown
Material: Engineered marble

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